With the high exposure and visibility of this location, the architecture of buildings is being given more prominence. The buildings are seen to be a family of buildings of varying heights sharing a common theme of shape and materials. Exterior finishes will include upscale materials and carry a strong storefront appearance, with the same quality and appeal as recent new-format developments.


Site Plan

As planned, the site will easily accomodate up to 320,000 sq. ft. of building area while still leaving ample room for employee and visitor amenity space plus parking well in excess of zoning requirements. The development plan shows over 500 parking spaces along with generous truck docks and truck circulation routes. The main truck activity is also separated from the entry and parking areas for the office and showroom. Click for full image.


Circulation Plans

The benefit of outdoor amenity space for employees and visitors is well recognized. Along with the upgraded appearance of the buildings, and the traffic separation, the site will enjoy ample landscaped areas, much in excess of what is usually found in developments of this sort. The parking and circulation roads will be fully curbed, and adequate walkways will be provided throughout the site. The quality and quantity of the landscaping will match the upgraded features of the buildings. Click for full image.



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